Craghoppers Families

To mark International Day of Families we spoke to families who travel together and wear Craghoppers together.

Clare Grimshaw, Craghoppers Marketing DepartmentClare and Family

Why do you all wear Craghoppers? We wear Crags because it is great quality, comfortable and reliable.

Fav item of clothing? Kiwi Pro Stretch Trousers – both the men and women in my family love them! Really comfy and great if you get caught in a bit of rain! I really must invest in winter lined ones for the winter though, I got cold and everyone else was toasty warm. Jack is obviously too little for Crags yet but as soon as he is big enough he will be kitted out!

Lee Serventi

Lee Serventi

I discovered Craghoppers a few years ago and was instantly hooked on all their range. To me they have 3 key important things price, durability and performance. From the Welsh mountains to a wet playground picking the kids up, from hiking across country to indoor play centres, they really have a great range of clothes that suit any situation. In all honesty from what I have seen when we are out in rural locations Craghoppers seem to be the brand of the people who want all the things stated above.

I kit out my family in Craghoppers because I need reliability in all weathers to keep the little ones warm and dry. We do a lot of exploring in the welsh forests so having the right gear is essential, and knowing it is easy to carry as its so lightweight and one less thing to worry about.

I believe that being outdoors with the family brings us together as there are no distractions from the modern world, just each other and amazing scenery around you.

My favourite bit of kit? That’s a tough one. I have evolved over the years! I have had a few favourites as my life progresses; the Bear Mountain Jacket (which, when the zip broke, was replaced swiftly with a freedom jacket. Yet another amazing benefit of buying Craghoppers clothing!) had Aquadry which was so effective on wet school runs. Kiwi fleeces have also played a big part in layering up as have the Kiwi trousers; I work in them and use them in most situations day to day.

Fin HarrisFin Harris

We choose Craghoppers as there is nothing else out there for the price that gives the quality and durability. Depending on the weather, I either wear my Kiwi or Kiwi Winter Lined trousers every day when taking Hadley (9 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier) out on her walk at the local country park. I have only ever had one issue with a Craghoppers product and that was dealt with swiftly.

We appreciate the little details that show thought and a practical attitude has been applied; the quick drying and easy care ability of most of your products, the fact that I can practically pack a weeks worth of clothing into a cabin bag.

Travelling is a genuine passion for my wife and I. Within three months of meeting my wife, we went on a 4,000-mile road trip around France, Spain and Gibraltar in just over 14 days. We have now completed that trip on two other occasions. It is our intention to have a roadtrip to the WWI War graves in Northern France and Belgium, travelling to Vienna in Austria, before spending a few days in Amsterdam.

My favourite Craghoppers item has to be my Kiwi Winter-Lined Trousers. I use them when washing the car, walking Hadley, gardening and generally when the weather conditions demand that I wear something that will keep me warm and dry.


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