Discovering: Asturias, Spain

Arriving in Asturias, Spain

In August we made the pilgrimage to our family house in northern Spain. The area of Asturias is commonly known as ‘Green Spain’, fairly undiscovered by tourists but has been our home away from home for many years. Near Gijon, in the Sobrescobio region, the house is in a beautiful tiny village named Soto de Agues, the last village before a Famous gorge walk ‘La Ruta del Alba’, with a view of mountains from the balcony and river pools to swim in on those hot days.



As family tradition, we were up early on the first day of the holiday for a walk up Mam podre, a mountain towering at 2163m giving an incredible 360 view from the plains of Spain to the Picos de Europa. After a tiring ascent we were over the moon to spot a 500m scree run as part of the descent – speeding our down-climb to the local bar significantly!

A well deserved beach day was next, heading to Playa de Verdicio near Gijon, where beautiful blue skys, clear blue sea (Although absolutely freezing!) and yellow beaches met us, surrounded by rockpools and other coves to explore along the coast.

Beach day at Playa Verdicio

One of the highlights of Asturias for me is the culture. Relaxing and reading a book from the balcony, you see local cattle farmers taking their flock to the hills, beekeepers bringing back honey, and a hive of local tourist going on hikes – not the part of Spain people think of when I say where I’m going on holiday!

A landscape view of Sobrescobio

Its a place for both winter adventures (an hour from a ski resort) and summer beaching (an hour the other way), the region of Asturias has activities to do all year round, including skiing, surfing, mountain biking, Road biking, Climbing, Hiking – a perfect little paradise!


Submitted by Laura, from Manchester



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