Find The Best Fleece Jacket For You

Interested in buying a new fleece for your adventures, but unsure which is right for you? We’ve got you covered.
We have a variety of fleeces to aid you in your travels, whether you’re setting off on a hiking trip for the weekend or taking a leisurely stroll through your local park. Our fleeces are designed with cutting-edge fabric technologies to ensure you have the optimum level of protection and worry-free fun on your travels. Have a read through our guide and learn about the different styles available, to help you decide which is the best fleece jacket for you.

Our Water Resistant Fleece Jackets

If you’re looking for warmth, comfort and want to keep dry from the rain, then our water resistant hybrid fleece jacket is ideal. Our water resistant fleece jackets allow you to keep on the go without having to worry about getting caught in showers.
Key Features
Every garment we make is based on years of research and development into the latest fabric technologies. Some of the key features that our water resistant fleece jackets include are:
Insulation – Lock the heat in. The advanced insulating layer ensures that your body heat is retained for an extra boost of warmth, to keep you comfortable whilst adventuring.
Water Resistance – Keep the rain out. Thanks to our waterproof technologies, these fleeces come with a water resistant coating to shed water, helping you remain drier for longer.
Windproof – Weather any storm. Our windproof fleece jacket keeps you protected from the harshest of winds, whilst remaining lightweight and breathable.

Our Thick Fleeces

If being cosy is a priority for you, then look no further than our Ambra/Cason range of thick fleeces. Made from our microfleece pile, the insulating layer is no match for colder temperatures and it’ll keep you warm and comfortable on your outdoor adventures. Suitable for all year use – from acting as a mid-layer in the winter, to locking in warmth on cool summer evenings.
Key Features
Some more detail on the technologies to make this super cosy fleece so snug, we use:
Insulation – Much like our water resistant fleece jackets, the same insulation technologies are used on our Ambra/Cason range to provide you with an added layer of warmth.
Wash & Wear – Our easy-care technologies allow you to wash your fleece without the need for excessive drying or ironing. Ideal for when you’re travelling.
Microfleece Pile – Microfleece is a lightweight, synthetic fabric technology enabling high levels of insulation. This technology means it’s a great versatile piece to take when exploring.

Our Recycled Fleeces

Protect yourself and the environment with our recycled fleece range. If you’re someone who is environmentally conscious and a lover of the outdoors, our recycled fleeces are just the ticket. Our signature fleece is now made from plastic bottles meaning you can enjoy your outdoor adventures guilt-free. But this doesn’t mean that your comfort is compromised. Our recycled fleeces still maintain the same product qualities as they did previously.
Key Features
Despite the modification of the fleece, our recycled fleeces have kept the same technologies that made them so well-loved in the first place. These features include:
Breathable Insulation – A key feature in many of our garments and our recycled fleeces are no exception. Interactive insulation allows you to retain your body heat in the cold and keep cool in higher temperatures.
Lightweight – Our microfleece technology enables us to produce lightweight fleeces so that you can travel hassle-free.
Security – Many of our recycled fleeces come with hidden or zipped pockets. This will aid you to get stuck into the action, without worrying about losing your belongings.
We hope our fleece buying guide has helped you to decide which is the best fleece jacket for you and that you can continue your adventures with the right garments to suit your needs. Check out what other outdoor clothing we offer that can keep you protected and comfortable whatever the weather.


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