Life at the Extreme

Tonight, Davina will be completing her series on Life at the Extreme with a trip to the Costa Rican jungle which is one of the wettest places on earth. Here she will encounter all manner of animals including the sloth, Poison Dart frogs, tarantulas, Fer-de-Lance snake, Jesus Christ lizard, Spider monkeys and tapirs. She will also be experiencing the world from on high, in the treetops, where she nearly spends the night in a tent!

Thanks to her Craghoppers NosiLife Long sleeved shirt, Davina can rest assured that of all the animals she will meet, mosquitoes and biting insects will not cause her any trouble.


NosiLife is Craghoppers’ permanent insect repellent treatment which is woven into the fabric, offering up to 90% protection from biting insects that can cause life threatening diseases such as the Zika virus and Malaria. The fabric has been tested by an independent testing laboratory to provide proven protection for the lifetime of the garment.

NosiLife clothing is also worn by the staff of the Dian Fossey Fund in the Karisoke Research Centre in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park. Like Davina, they are operating in a humid, wet climate and dense rain forest, so they need kit they can rely on to help them get on with the job in hand … studying and protecting the Mountain Gorillas. All types of gorillas in Africa are endangered, primarily due to human activity such as poaching, disease transmission, and habitat destruction.

Protection of the gorillas from poaching is a primary focus of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International and, in particular, the Karisoke Research Centre. Protection activities at Karisoke comprise anti-poaching patrols in the forest and a daily, dawn-to-dusk human presence with all of the approximately 120 gorillas they monitor.

In addition to these patrols, each group of gorillas which are monitored by the Fossey Fund has a dedicated team that remains with the group from dawn to dusk, seven days per week, 365 days per year.  These teams have two functions: to collect a variety of data on the gorillas and to protect them from poachers.

You can help secure funding from the European Outdoor Conservation Association this year for the Mountain Gorilla. The voting closes on the 22nd March, please help a worthwhile cause and cast your vote here.


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