Meet Kwesia: AW23 Campaign Star


In a world where urban living often disconnects us from nature, individuals like Kwesia, also known as City girl in Nature, emerge as inspiring figures dedicated to reconnecting people with the natural world.

Kwesia, hailing from the vibrant city of London, has dedicated her life to sharing her profound love for the outdoors and fostering a connection between inner-city individuals and the wonders of nature. Her journey is marked by a transformative experience that led her to create a charitable initiative aimed at changing lives through nature.

Discovering a Lifelong Passion

Kwesia's journey towards becoming City girl in Nature was catalyzed during her expedition to the Peruvian Amazon in 2018 with the British Explorer Society. This life-changing experience made her realize the profound importance of connecting with nature. It ignited her desire to share the transformative power of the outdoors with others.

Connecting with Nature and Self

The Peruvian Amazon expedition was a turning point for Kwesia. It offered her the chance to connect with the elements and, more importantly, with herself. The absence of modern comforts and the immersion in nature allowed her to embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing. Through this experience, she gained insight into her own life experiences, enabling her to view them as sources of positivity rather than negativity.

A Week in the Lakes

Kwesia's recent adventure in the Lake District was marked by highlights rather than challenges. She relished the diverse locations, ever-changing weather, and the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. Her love for outdoor gear, especially vibrant and fashionable choices, added an extra layer of enjoyment to her experiences

The Perfect Outdoor Kit

When it comes to outdoor gear, Kwesia values comfort above all else. She believes that being comfortable in one's gear is essential for a fulfilling outdoor experience. Combining functionality with fashion is her mantra, as she believes that outdoor wear should reflect one's individual style. Kwesia emphasizes the importance of fashionable and comfortable gear, especially for inner-city individuals who want to enjoy the outdoors while looking and feeling their best.


The Balance Between Street Style and Utility

Kwesia's perspective on outdoor clothing emphasizes the importance of swag—fashionable and stylish clothing that reflects one's personality. She understands that fashion is a significant aspect of urban and youthful culture, and outdoor gear should seamlessly integrate comfort, style, and functionality. Her vision is to enable everyone to look cool and comfortable while enjoying outdoor adventures.

The Healing Power of Nature

For Kwesia, being in the outdoors means reconnecting with the world and oneself. Nature is a source of comfort, healing, and self-discovery. She sees humans as an integral part of nature and advocates for a deeper connection with the environment. Nature, in her view, speaks through its elements and wildlife, offering a profound sense of peace and understanding.


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