Protect | Liberate – Dr Louisa Preston

Protect | Liberate – Travel Exploration With Craghoppers

Leave your worries behind and explore the world. With Craghoppers clothing, feel instantly safe and comfortable while you explore new territories in extreme conditions. Protect your body and liberate your mind – find happiness in your travel exploration and feel instantly engulfed in the beauty our world has to offer.

Sit on the edge of a tropical waterfall, the depth of a rainforest jungle or the peak of an icy mountain, and simply enjoy the peace and quiet with Craghoppers protective clothing. Protect Liberate underpins our ethos – to get out there and discover the bigger picture.

Meet Craghoppers Ambassador, Dr Louisa Preston

Dr Louisa Preston is an astrobiologist and planetary geologist, intrigued by the exploration of new life on other planets and moons. She studies microbes in Earth’s most extreme conditions, finding life surviving in places she never thought possible. And if life can survive in such conditions on our planet, surely it must be able to on others too?

Louisa journeys across lands to look for the possibilities of life on other planets, braving ice rain, acidic steam and frozen fog in pursuit of new knowledge. Astrobiology has allowed her to help direct the search for life on Mars. Amazing environmental features are constantly being discovered on the Red Planet such as volcanoes, ancient hot springs and impact craters. These features, also prominent on Earth, link our world to Mars – planet Earth can be used as a “natural laboratory”, using extreme conditions to discover microbes which could exist on other planets.

Here at Craghoppers, we like to think that we make Louisa’s vital exploration work a little easier. Protective clothing is essential – to explore the world in this way is risky and dangerous, but with Craghoppers clothing, you are protected – leaving you free to discover new marvels.

Eager to stay outdoors, whatever the conditions? Explore your world your way with protective clothing from Craghoppers. Explore our UV protection clothing, designed with your travel in mind. Protect young explorers too with  outdoor protective clothing for kids, allowing them to feel safe and comfortable through any adventure. Protection is liberating, and with Craghoppers, your protective clothing is taken care of – all you need to do now is plan your trip. Explore our latest range of outdoor clothing today and begin your adventure. Read Dr Louisa Preston’s full interview with The Telegraph now.

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