Your Spring Kit Guide

Get back to basics with ultra lightweight outdoor gear and spring hiking clothes

The frost is disappearing and the flowers are starting to bloom. It’s time to forget about your woolly hat, put away your parka and dust off your spring hiking clothes, ready to take to the trail ahead. But do you have all the essential lightweight hiking equipment you need? Here’s our lightweight outdoor gear guide for you to use this spring so that you outdoor-loving people can getoutside, and make the most of this spring, wherever you’re headed.

Spring hiking clothes that won’t hold you back

The classic walking trousers

A comfortable pair of walking trousers is key to a hikers’ kit at any time of the year. But when it comes to warmer spring days and a challenging trail, it pays to pick out a protective pair of walking trousers that won’t weigh you down. Versatile with the option of full on protection or lightweight wear, a pair of zip off walking trousers for this time of year will keep you protected for when the weather turns. Versatility wins the day with a pair of convertible walking trousers.

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The must-have lightweight outdoor jacket

Even in the midst of spring when the days are getting warmer, it certainly pays to invest in a lightweight jacket that never gives up. Opting for a lightweight softshell jacket is ideal for the changeable weather (especially if you’re hiking in the UK!) and will give you the option to add layers if you need to.

Layer up with our latest softshell selection – choose waterproof and windproof when the weather looks like it won’t hold up. Your shell jacket is a must-have for your spring hiking kit, so make sure you prep well ahead of your trip. Opt for a softshell with the added advantage of it being neatly stowed away in your daysack. Packaway jackets that are easily compressed will give you more room for your food and water supplies.

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The essential layers for spontaneous trips

According to a Swedish proverb, “There is no bad weather, only bad clothing”. When you’re on a spring hike, there’s nothing truer. By dressing in a couple of thin fleece layers instead of one big bulky layer, it’s much easier to adapt to this transitional season – especially when you’re exerting yourself to reach a peak or power through more miles along the path.

Selectively remove your layers or add them depending on the weather.If the temperature has dropped, you’ll need to make sure that you can wear all your layers comfortably and without restricted movement. Check that your base, mid and outer layers work in unison and still leave you with enough movement to comfortably take on the hike.

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The handy rucksack

When it comes to choosing lightweight backpacks for hiking, getting the right size for your trip will depend on whether you’re camping after a long day of hiking. But if the weather is warm, the last thing you need is unnecessary kit weighing you down in an oversized rucksack.

If you’re hiking for the day, only a smaller pack will mean less exertion, and less temptation to overfill your pack with unnecessary gadgets. Stick to a smaller 15L daysack wherever possible, as a lighter load will mean less time struggling and more time to take in the scenery.

Craghoppers Kiwi Pro Rucksack

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The sturdy walking boots

Your walking boots should feel like an old friend. Just bought a new pair? Make sure you wear them around the house before you take your next hiking trip to break them in and avoid rubbing that could affect your frame of mind, let alone the state of your feet. Your walking boots should sync with how you hike and where you hike, so if you’re heading towards rocky terrain, make sure you have the right ankle support to avoid injury.

Protection is Liberating

Grabbing hold of adventure is never about how you look. It’s about how you feel when you stray from the path, which is why our latest lightweight hiking gear for this spring is a must. Our lightweight outdoor jackets, walking trousers, and insulating layers are designed with freedom of movement in mind so that you can push all distractions aside, and go find yourself outside. Finding happiness outdoors is never about what you’re wearing, it’s about how you feel, and Craghoppers’ protective clothing makes you feel free. Because protection is liberating and that’s what we do.

Planning for a hiking holiday in a humid climate? Or checking out prices for a snow holiday complete with winter walks? Take a look at our destination kit guide for recommended kit that will keep you protected in all climates and conditions.


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