The Best Single Parent Holiday Destinations For Summer Fun

The Best Single Parent Holiday Destinations For Summer Fun

When it’s just you and the kids, the challenge of planning a summer holiday that pleases everyone may seem insurmountable. Of course, you’ll want some time to relax. The children will want to explore, and try new things. So how do you go about getting the best of both worlds?

Here’s our guide to the best single parent holiday destinations around to help you plan an adventure that works for you, entertains the kids, and helps you come together as a family without returning feeling more stressed than you did before!

Top Holiday Destinations for Single Parents

Croatia: the single parent activity holiday

Single parent family holidays in Croatia can give you and the kids an active break filled to the brim with kayaking, hiking, exploring the rich culture of Split, island hopping along the Dalmatian coast or simply taking a leisurely dip in your hotel pool.

Split, Croatia

With so much to take advantage of when you choose Croatia as your destination, take the time to plan your itinerary carefully. You may even want to spend some time with the children ahead of your trip pulling together activity plans as it’s unlikely you’ll be able to squeeze it all in.

An excellent choice for active teens, Croatia offers outdoor adventure in abundance, so just make sure you find a holiday company that caters specifically for young adults. And when you want to take the day off to relax by the pool? Make sure you book in a kayaking lesson for the kids with a qualified instructor so you can take advantage of the peace and quiet.

Recommended Itinerary

• Day 1: Arrival in Split. Don’t forget to pre-book transfers to the hotel. There’s nothing worse than waiting an hour for a taxi while the kids complain. Get settled and spend the afternoon at the pool relaxing before your family adventure holiday really starts.
• Day 2: Spend the morning white water rafting with an organised group. Depending on the holiday company you may be able to book the experience with other single parent families – a great opportunity for you and the kids to meet new people.
• Day 3: Your day by the pool. If the children are old enough to have a kayaking lesson with an experienced instructor, that’s your ticket to a good book in the sun.
• Day 4: Fancy a day on the water? Pre-book a chartered boat that will drop you off at some little-known spots along the coast. Save some cash by bringing some snacks and drinks along with you.
• Day 5: If you’re confident enough to join the kids on the water, hire some kayaks for the day and let the children be your tour guide. Lunch on the beach should keep the kids satisfied after a few hours of kayaking.
• Day 6: Want to go out with a bang? Why not try a ziplining experience over some of Croatia’s most impressive natural canyons? An excellent way to wrap up your single parent family holiday.
• Day 7: Last day? Wind down by the pool and get the kids organised before your flight. Just make sure the kids have full access to the Wi-Fi while you’re packing.

Sardinia: the luxury single parent holiday

If the thought of a super-active single parent holiday with the kids in tow fills you with dread, there is always the more luxurious option of a secluded hotel close to the sandy beaches of Sardinia.


A beach holiday with a touch of luxury for you and excursion options makes Sardinia one of the best holidays for single parents with toddlers and young children. There’s no question that the clear waters and white sands will provide you with everything you need to take a break. But with the kids along for the ride, you may need to adjust your luxury beach holiday, just a little, to keep them occupied.

Simply make sure the hotel is family friendly and that the hotel isn’t so secluded that the children will miss out on some interesting days out.

Recommended Itinerary

• Day 1: As soon as you reach the hotel, head out to the pool. Start your holiday together with some fun poolside games and snacks,
• Day 2: Love to hike? Make sure you take advantage of Sardinia’s beautiful countryside with a brisk morning hike. Just don’t forget to pack your lightweight walking trousers and the children’s protective outdoor wear.
• Day 3: Pool day. Pick up a little fishing net for the little ones. It’ll encourage them to be more confident in and around the water.
• Day 4: If the children want to venture a little further, organise pony trekking with a guide. This will soon tucker them out so you can get stuck into a good book in the evening.
• Day 5: Pool day. After all, it is all about the relaxation this week. Plus, if you opt for a kid-friendly hotel, they should be happy enough in the children’s pool playing with their new-found friends.
• Day 6: If the children are old enough, take advantage of Sardinia’s spotless beaches and spend the morning snorkelling. With a day at the beach planned in, you and the kids will be able to spend some quality time together. Just keep the entire family covered in sun protection throughout the warmest points in the afternoon. And if the kids are happy playing in the sand, it may be worth investing in some sun protective clothing for them too.
• Day 7: Let the children have one last day at the pool while you get organised before your flight home.

The Lake District: the UK holiday destination for single parents

If single parent holidays abroad create more stress for you due to long-haul flights with the children, the UK still has plenty to offer. The Lake District, in fact, could be a home away from home with added activity for you and the children to share and a comfortable, secluded cottage with enticing views.

Lake District

No matter the kids’ age and interests, the Lake District provides an excellent opportunity for you to spend some quality time together and get outdoors. If you’re a family of outdoor enthusiasts and find the quiet of a self-catered cottage serene, this may be the one parent family holiday for you.

Recommended Itinerary
• Day 1: Load up on shopping before you reach your Lake District cottage. You’ll save some money and get the children excited about toasting marshmallows around the campfire.
• Day 2: Kit out the kids for a family bike ride. Track your trail before you head out and don’t forget to pack your rucksack with your hardy waterproof jacket and some snacks to fuel tired legs along the way.
• Day 3: Treat the children to some treetop treks. There are plenty of adventure playgrounds throughout the Lake District that will build the children’s confidence and tire them out.
• Day 4: Want a quiet couple of hours to yourself? Don’t forget to pre-book some water sports for the children. With plenty of professional classes available, the kids can master the art of wind-sailing while you watch them from the nearest café.
• Day 5: Take a more leisurely day hiking the area surrounding your cottage. Keep the kids entertained by setting them challenges along the way.
• Day 6: Bring along some well-loved board games for when the weather takes a turn.
• Day 7: Have time for another outdoor activity before you leave? Head back to the lake and join the children for another water sport lesson. Fingers crossed, the children will fall asleep as soon as you hit the road.

Happy holidays to you and the kids! We’d love to hear about your single parent holidays, so make sure you share your holiday snaps with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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